Fleetwood Mac's 50 Greatest Songs

From British blues to California rock, from smooth sunshine to the most haunting breakup epics ever

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35. "Oh Daddy"

"That's probably my favorite Christine song of all time," Nicks confided in the liner notes to the 2013 reissue of Rumours, "and probably one of the only dark songs she wrote." Fleetwood has claimed that the lonely, foreboding ballad was written with him in mind, as he was the only father in the band at the time. But it was likely another ode to McVie's new boyfriend, Fleetwood Mac lighting director Curry Grant. McVie later described the ease with which she composed her songs on Rumours: "One day in Sausalito, I sat and wrote in the studio, and the four and a half songs of mine on the album are a result of that."

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