Fleetwood Mac's 50 Greatest Songs

From British blues to California rock, from smooth sunshine to the most haunting breakup epics ever

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30. "Jumping at Shadows"

This smoky blues ballad sums up the lost legend of Peter Green – especially the version on Live in Boston, recorded in February 1970. Green doesn't let his guitar or voice get too loud – he just grabs this tune from U.K. bluesman Duster Bennett and turns it into his own harrowing confession, as if he can see his imminent collapse. "I've cried myself to sleep many a night listening to early Fleetwood Mac and going, 'What happened to this guy?' " Fleetwood once said. "I'd always get people in the hotel room on tour and say, 'Now I want you to hear Peter Green.'  ...  I'd put on a record, and I would always end up in tears."

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