Fleetwood Mac's 50 Greatest Songs

From British blues to California rock, from smooth sunshine to the most haunting breakup epics ever

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16. "Albatross"

Fleetwood Mac's first Number One U.K. hit had two inspirations: Eric Clapton's guitar work on the Bluesbreakers' version of "The Last Meal," and Santo and Johnny's surfy, Fifties steel-guitar showcase "Sleep Walk." "You put the two together – they don't fit in any way," Peter Green once said. "But that's how I got 'Albatross.' " It's one of the bestselling instrumental songs in English history, and its heavily reverbed guitar partially inspired the Beatles' "Sun King." "We said, 'Let's be Fleetwood Mac doing "Albatross," just to get going,' " George Harrison recalled. "It never really sounded like Fleetwood Mac  ...  but that was the point of origin."

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