Fats Domino: 12 Essential Songs

From "The Fat Man" to "Blueberry Hill" and beyond, we look back at the late New Orleans hitmaker's finest

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"I'm in Love Again" (1956)

If "Ain't That a Shame" announced Fats Domino's arrival, "I'm in Love Again" secured his place on the charts. The two-minute declaration of love, set to a springy saxophone line and Domino's bluesy piano playing, was the singer's first big-time hit: It spent 18 weeks on the chart in the spring of 1956 and made it up to Number Three. Its upbeat melody and heartfelt lyrics ("Yes, it's me and I'm in love again/Had no lovin' since you know when") resonated through rock & roll, as Bill Haley and his Comets, the Upsetters (featuring Little Richard) and Ricky Nelson, among others, covered it. It also remained a staple of Domino's concerts well into the 2000s.

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