2018's Biggest Farewell Tours

Everyone from Elton John to Ozzy Osbourne is launching a final trek this year. But will this really be the end?

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Background: Metal bands – especially ones that play as fast and loud as Slayer – face a real predicament as they age. Is it really possible to headbang when you're 60? Kerry King and Tom Araya have decided to not try and are retiring Slayer after an epic farewell tour. The group has yet to discuss the matter publicly, so it's unclear if it'll continue after the current run of dates wraps up December 2nd in Berlin. Will Slayer live on in some way? Will they welcome estranged drummer Dave Lombardo back onto the stage at any point before it ends? Right now, nobody seems to know.

Odd It's Real: 50 percent. King and Araya can make a hell of a lot more money playing together then they can playing apart. In the grand scheme of aging rock stars, they are relatively young at the respective ages of 53 and 56. This might be the last tour for a very long time. It may even be the last one they ever do, but then again it might do what many a farewell tour has done in the past: pave the way for a reunion tour. 

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