2018's Biggest Farewell Tours

Everyone from Elton John to Ozzy Osbourne is launching a final trek this year. But will this really be the end?

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Elton John

Background: Elton John has toured like an absolute maniac during the past couple of decades, mixing his Las Vegas residency with an endless series of arena gigs all around the planet. But not only did he turn 70 last year, he's got two young kids in school. Nothing matters to him more than spending time with them. That's why he's launching the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in September. It will keep him on the road for three years, averaging about 100 shows year. When it finally wraps, he says that'll be it for him.

Odds It's Real: 65 percent. Elton has been saying he's done with tours all the way back to 1977. The sheer amount of shows he's played in recent years has driven down demand for tickets and caused him to play shows in tiny markets that most acts of his caliber never go near. A high-profile farewell tour is the perfect way to raise ticket prices and bring people in that maybe felt they'd heard him play "Crocodile Rock" enough for one lifetime. He says that he might continue to play residencies and stray gigs when this ends, but don't be shocked if he actually tours again at some point as well. That doesn't mean we won't be first in line to see this show. It'll surely be incredible. 

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