Fall Music Preview 2012: The 24 Albums You Need to Hear

Bob Dylan, Green Day, Ke$ha and More

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Dave Matthews Band, 'Away From the World' (9/11)
Jeff Coffin19/24

Dave Matthews Band, 'Away From the World' (9/11)

"Ain't it funny how time slips away/Looking at the cracks creeping across my face," Dave Matthews sings on "The Riff," a key track from DMB's eighth studio set. Midlife reflection dominates the new material that the band cut in Seattle with producer Steve Lillywhite, the man behind DMB classics such as 1996's Crash. "It was great to get back in a room with him, now that we're old bastards," Matthews says. "He captures the way we sound with less effort than a lot of people."

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