Fall Music Preview 2012: The 24 Albums You Need to Hear

Bob Dylan, Green Day, Ke$ha and More

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Band of Horses, 'Mirage Rock' (9/18)
Christopher Wilson13/24

Band of Horses, 'Mirage Rock' (9/18)

Veteran producer Glyn Johns – who helped craft classic LPs from Sticky Fingers to Who's Next – joined the indiefolk crew in the studio for its fourth LP. "He's the most legendary producer that ever walked the Earth," says frontman Ben Bridwell. "I didn't really know how to get over it." Luckily, Bridwell deliv- ered some of his prettiest melodies yet, on the CSNY-influenced two-part saga "Dumpster World" and the harmony-drenched ballad "The Slow Cruel Hands of Time." Several tunes took form after Johns pushed Bridwell to workshop in-progress material in solo acoustic form for his bandmates. "It was terrifying," says the singer. "But he helped guide me into some exciting new techniques. I'm forever grateful."

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