Fall Album Preview 2017: New Taylor Swift, U2, Beck, Sam Smith, Morrissey LPs

What to expect from 'Reputation,' 'Songs of Experience,' return of Mavis Staples, plus vintage re-releases from Metallica, Bob Dylan and more

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Weezer, 'Pacific Daydream'
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic11/16

Weezer, 'Pacific Daydream'

Rivers Cuomo has always had an obsessive streak. But he took it to another level on Weezer's 11th album, creating a software script that sifted through his backlog of musical ideas and paired them based on key and tempo. "Then I can see which ideas most likely fit with each other," says Cuomo. "It's like collaborating with myself." Cuomo and producer Butch Walker crafted a series of songs far more modern-sounding than 2016's White Album. "There's a lot more atmospheric guitar and effects on my vocals," says Cuomo. "I'd never done that before. It's very trippy."

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