Fall Album Preview 2017: New Taylor Swift, U2, Beck, Sam Smith, Morrissey LPs

What to expect from 'Reputation,' 'Songs of Experience,' return of Mavis Staples, plus vintage re-releases from Metallica, Bob Dylan and more

U2, 'Songs of Experience'
Sam Jones1/16

U2, 'Songs of Experience'

While the band won't elaborate further, Bono recently experienced a "brush with mortality,” says the Edge, which caused the band to rethink Songs of Experience, a companion to Songs of Innocence that they had already been working on for more than two years. The resulting LP features less of the slick production that defined Innocence, in favor of a more classic formula: propulsive guitar rockers and ballads that look inward. Today's bleak political climate also contributed to the delayed gestation of some songs, including "The Blackout" and "Summer of Love." Explains Bono: "I've always believed in working across the aisle as an anti-poverty activist, but this isn't a matter of right or left. There's a bully on the bully pulpit, and silence is not an option."