Fall Album Preview 2017: New Taylor Swift, U2, Beck, Sam Smith, Morrissey LPs

What to expect from 'Reputation,' 'Songs of Experience,' return of Mavis Staples, plus vintage re-releases from Metallica, Bob Dylan and more

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Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'
Mert & Marcus2/16

Taylor Swift, 'Reputation'

Fall's most tightly guarded secret, Reputation, is described by a source as "lyrically sharper and more emotionally complex than 1989." Its first singles are in the 1989 mode of moody electro-pop, with the Jack Antonoff-produced blare of "Look What You Made Me Do" and the peppier hip-hop jam "...Ready for It?" The artwork – Swift in a Flashdance-style sweatshirt, gazing through headlines of her name – suggest she's again pondering the time-old mystery of, as she once sang, why "people throw rocks at things that shine."

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