Fall Album Preview 2017: New Taylor Swift, U2, Beck, Sam Smith, Morrissey LPs

What to expect from 'Reputation,' 'Songs of Experience,' return of Mavis Staples, plus vintage re-releases from Metallica, Bob Dylan and more

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Mavis Staples, 'If All I Was Was Black'
Dimitri Hakke/Getty Images14/16

Mavis Staples, 'If All I Was Was Black'

Staples says Trump's "race-baiting rhetoric" got her thinking about how little has changed since she traveled the country singing at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches. "It seems that there's suddenly been a rebirth of bigotry and hate – it's like I'm reliving the Sixties," she says, before bringing up Charlottesville: "The only difference that I saw between back in the day and those men marching with torches was that they showed their faces....No sheets." Her third LP with Jeff Tweedy producing includes "We Go High," which quotes Michelle Obama's 2016 DNC speech, while the funky throwback "Build a Bridge" proposes a hopeful alternative to Trump's border wall. 

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