Eminem: 50 Greatest Songs

The best from the bloody, bombastic, brilliant career of the hip-hop troublemaker

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47. "Talkin 2 Myself" feat. Kobe (2012)

On this anguished highlight from Recovery, Eminem unburdens himself with honest, plainspoken revelations. "I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne/It was like I was jealous of the attention he was getting," Em admits. "Almost went at Kanye, too." He doesn't blame them for his loss of relevance at the dawn of the 2010s; instead, he criticizes his own uneven output, invokes the murder of his best friend Proof in 2006, and cites his addiction to prescription pills. "The last two albums didn't count/Encore, I was on drugs, Relapse, I was flushing them out," he confesses. Meanwhile, the rollicking, synthesized funk rock backing of Aftermath/Shady producer DJ Khalil plus Kobe Honeycutt's tortured chorus heightens the interior drama. "[Eminem] told me that he literally had to pull everything out of himself to deliver that record because the music is so thick," Khalil told Complex in 2011. "There's so much music that he's screaming at the top of his lungs."

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