Eminem: 50 Greatest Songs

The best from the bloody, bombastic, brilliant career of the hip-hop troublemaker

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36. Missy Elliott feat. Eminem, "Busa Rhyme" (1999)

Missy Elliott was a key black artist to co-sign Eminem early on. "He hadn't even come out with 'My Name Is' yet," she said in a Billboard interview. "I heard something of his and instantly told [producer] Tim[baland], 'I need this guy on my album ... He's special.'" Though the rappers were from different galaxies, Missy might be pop's most hospitably freaky host; and here, she intros, sings the chorus, boosts the joie de vivre on the bridge and shouts support for her crude young guest. First up, Eminem blacks out in Slim Shady mode over Timbaland's jovial synth-bass blurt. But after Missy interjects to lighten the mood, the shrewdly bold Timbaland switches mid-song into a dramatically charged, breakbeat chase scene: "I'm homicidal and suicidal with no friends," Shady spits with sharpened mania. "Holding a gun with no handle, just a barrel at both ends … Fucking mad dog, foaming at the mouth/Fuck mouth, my whole house is foaming at the couch." 

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