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Eminem: 50 Greatest Songs

The best from the bloody, bombastic, brilliant career of the hip-hop troublemaker

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37. D12, "My Band" (2004)

On their highest charting single, Detroit horrorcore troupe D12, which Eminem joined in 1996 and used to develop his Slim Shady alias, addresses the rock-band malady of "lead singer syndrome." "'My Band'" is a parody, but as with any good joke, there are truths within it," Touré wrote in a 2004 Rolling Stone profile of D12. "For example, at the concert, an unscientific poll of people in the VIP room found most couldn't name any of the members of D12. A few recognized Bizarre, who stands out because of his twisted imagination, and Proof, well known to be Eminem's best friend. But two people asked me if I was a member of D12." The group was sanguine about the whole situation. "We grew up together, lived together, flipped burgers together," Kuniva said of the relationship with Em. "We used to just sit on the porch and drink and think about hip-hop, think about makin' it. There's a bond there that nobody can break. … He knows [that] without D12 there wouldn't be a Slim Shady."

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