Emerson, Lake and Palmer: 10 Essential Songs

The greatest from the audacious, virtuosic progressive rock icons

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"Trilogy" (1972)

Emerson's lilting, melodic piano opens "Trilogy," the longest and most ambitious track from ELP's third album. Co-written by Emerson and Greg Lake, it starts out with uncharacteristic restraint: The song is almost a conventional, straightforward, even Zombies-esque love ballad – that is, until the monstrous riffs and baroque synth workouts that hold layers upon layers of intricacy. As Emerson told Disc magazine the year of the song's release, "I try to cover all sorts of things in my music so there are lots of things to be discovered in it maybe a little later. That's one of the important points in music, the discovery by the listener of new things every time they hear a piece of music."

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