Emerson, Lake and Palmer: 10 Essential Songs

The greatest from the audacious, virtuosic progressive rock icons

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"Still… You Turn Me On" (1973)

"Rock technology is just not yet advanced enough," Emerson lamented in a New York Times interview in 1973. Like the rest of the band, he was always groping for the next innovation that might fuel ELP's evolution — although on "Still… You Turn Me On" from the group's fourth album, Brain Salad Surgery, the notoriously tech-driven outfit pared things down. Relatively speaking, anyway; the Lake-penned tune doesn't go in for many frills, relying instead on a luscious melody and Emerson's tasteful synth flourishes — not to mention a startling dose of a different kind of innovation, at least for ELP: funk. Mostly it's the balance between Lake's songcraft and Emerson's atmosphere that makes "Still… You Turn Me On" so timeless. Even when obsessed with the sounds of the future, ELP knew a good tune was always at the heart of their art. J.H.

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