Emerson, Lake and Palmer: 10 Essential Songs

The greatest from the audacious, virtuosic progressive rock icons

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"From the Beginning" (1972)

Although it's undeniably a showcase for Greg Lake's moody acoustic guitar and vocals, "From the Beginning" from ELP's Trilogy provided the space for one of Emerson's most noteworthy keyboard solos. The final minute of the otherwise sparse, simple song are launched into another dimension by Emerson's cosmic synthesizer jam. It's a swirling, pinging symphony of outer space static – complete with overdubbed effects randomly generated by his synth – that expands the song's scale from love-song intimacy to something that might have to do with the Big Bang. The band's highest-charting single in the States, it also helped draw attention to Emerson's beloved arsenal of Moogs, the synthesizers that ELP helped make legendary. J.H.

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