Earth, Wind & Fire: 12 Essential Songs

Savor the smoothest soul and most enlightened funk from the hitmaking legends

"Let's Groove" (1981)

The disco backlash was coming hard and fast by the early Eighties, but the group navigated the changing trends with this slick piece of synth funk. The robotic vocoder heard on the intro heralded the dawn of a new EWF for the new decade, mixing electronica with their live-brass past. White explained the transition to NME. "It's really just knowing the feelings and fundamentals involved in producing a hit. Just like writing a story. It's not less honest than a piece of jazz. Take the new record, 'Let's Groove.' It's real honest. We just went in and done it — a natural giving thing. Just saying, Hey man, enjoy this with me. Share this with us." Many did — the song sold over a million copies and earned a Grammy nom for Best R&B Vocal Performance. 

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