Drunk Daddies and Penguin Spies: The 10 Most Bizarre Country Christmas Songs

From the head-scratching to the just plain bad, these are the low points in country holiday music

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7. Sugarland, "Little Wood Guitar"

Jennifer Nettles and self-proclaimed Christmas fanatic Kristian Bush, the song's co-writer with Ellis Paul, take us on a confusing sleigh ride through Christmases past and present, starting with the year the narrator received her first acoustic guitar from Santa. She's all grown-up by the second verse, where she proudly states, "I'm a singer; I'm a waitress." When she adds that "people come to hear [me] from miles around," though, you start to wonder if lead singer Nettles skipped a verse — the one where she made the transition from bar singer to popular concert draw, perhaps — or if she's simply the most popular waitress this side of True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse. 

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