DJ Premier: My Life in 15 Songs

Gang Starr co-founder and producer behind Nas, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. classics recalls early days, lawsuits and working with Limp Bizkit

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Gang Starr, "DWYCK" (1992)

This was originally the B-side to [1992's] "Take It Personal." It became a super-hit so we told EMI, "Let's put it on Daily Operation." We go to re-release the album [with "DWYCK" on it] and the label changed their minds and said, "Naw, we're just going to leave it as a 12-inch." People were mad like, "Yo, I bought your album and 'DWYCK' ain't on there!" So we put it on [1994's] Hard to Earn so people could just get a Gang Starr album that had it.

It was our "return the favor" record to Nice and Smooth because we were on their "Down the Line" record. "DWYCK" took offf. I went to Cypress Projects in East New York and that's grimy and dangerous over there. I pulled up and it seemed like the whole neighborhood was like, "Yes, our hero!" Every car was playing it.

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