Dierks Bentley's 15 Sexiest Songs

From the playful "What Was I Thinkin'" to carnal "Black"

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"Sweet and Wild"

For his first greatest hits compilation, Greatest Hits/Every Mile a Memory 2003–2008, Bentley knew he had to do something special - especially because he only had three albums under his belt at this point. So he chose to include two new tracks, one of which was this Jay Clementi and Radney Foster-written duet that let Bentley croon along with Sarah Buxton to a swift picking banjo, landing in his perfect wheelhouse where love and lust float equally in balance. "Every breath fanned the flame," he sings to a suggestive, thumping beat, "your warm body drove me insane." Bentley being Bentley, it's the polar opposite from the LP's other exclusive song, the raucous "With the Band" about his romance with a more elusive suitor: rock & roll glory.

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