Dierks Bentley's 15 Sexiest Songs

From the playful "What Was I Thinkin'" to carnal "Black"

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There's bound to be a lot of weight placed on the title track from Bentley's forthcoming Black, his eighth album that pays tribute to the many sides of romance through a nod to his wife Cassidy's maiden name. And "Black," a song that's as steamy as it gets, does not disappoint. With downright direct lyrics ("Knock me flat on my back, yeah/Just keep doing that/That thing you're doing there"), it still manages to stay smooth and sensual in the hands of Bentley: He makes the whole thing feel like a set of sweaty, charged whispers between two lovers looking not just for a few moments of euphoria but a way to drown out the realities of a world that's often more bleak than black.

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