David Bowie: 25 of Artist's Most Unforgettable Onscreen Moments

Five decades of star turns and innovative clips from rock's ultimate video artist

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"I Got You Babe" on 'The 1980 Floor Show' (1973)

Bowie outdid himself spectacle-wise for his American TV special The 1980 Floor Show. For the big finale, he donned a red vinyl corset with black feathers to sing a Sonny and Cher duet with Marianne Faithfull, who was dressed as a nun. As Bowie recalled, "Because of her convent background, I felt Marianne would carry the moment superbly as a nun, albeit without a back panel to her habit, revealing her splendid arse." Alas, American TV wasn't ready to permit a glimpse of Sister Faithfull from behind.

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