Dave Grohl's Guest List: 21 Amazing Musical Cameos

The Foo Fighters frontman has drummed, played guitar and sang with everyone from Puff Daddy to Paul McCartney

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The Grammys Go EDM (2012)

In 2012, the Grammys embraced EDM by giving Skrillex six nominations and setting up a Chris Brown/David Guetta/Lil Wayne/Foo Fighters/Deadmau5 "club" performance, in which the latter DJ transformed the Foos' "Rope" into a surprisingly catchy electro jam. Nevertheless, Grohl enraged easily-enraged dance music when his Best Rock Performance acceptance speech saluted the "human element of music" and noted that music "is not about what goes on in a computer."

Deadmau5, however, didn't seem to take offense: "I just want him to go in the garage with his boys, fire up the fucking tape deck and do whatever the fuck he wants," the DJ told Rolling Stone later in the year, saying that he'd like to have Foo Fighters remix one of his own songs.

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