Dan Auerbach: 5 Great Songs Where the First Line Is Also the Title

The Black Keys singer picks out his favorite tunes with this odd commonality, from the Beatles to Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson, "Blue Skies"

"Blue Skies" is just a good song off a really good record. It's an old song, not really Willlie's, but he did have a Number One hit. It's crazy someone could take a Broadway song from the 1920s and have a Number One hit in the 1970s with it, an outlaw country guy. I still think that is is possible, though. A good song is a good song. If you have a good performance by someone with charisma it can reach the masses.

I've learned that when you stop listening to what everyone else is doing you create your own voice. Nobody typifies that like Willie Nelson. When he started he was signing like everyone else. At some point he was like "fuck it" and started singing like Willie Nelson and he's been on the Mount Rushmore of country ever since.

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