Dan Auerbach: 5 Great Songs Where the First Line Is Also the Title

The Black Keys singer picks out his favorite tunes with this odd commonality, from the Beatles to Willie Nelson

Robert Finley, "Medicine Woman"

Robert Finley just has one of the greatest voices I've ever heard. I first heard it when someone sent me a video of him singing on the street that they'd taken at some blues festival. I just kept it in my files in my brain and then like a year later I was offered the opportunity to do a soundtrack to this graphic novel Murder Ballads, which is about this fictional juke-joint singer. I immediately thought of Robert.  We did that whole soundtrack, but it was too good to leave it as a soundtrack, so we kept going and cut a whole album. "Medicine Woman" was one of those songs. He just knocked it out of the park.  Every time he opened his mouth in front of the microphone he filled up the control room.