Dan Auerbach: 5 Great Songs Where the First Line Is Also the Title

The Black Keys singer picks out his favorite tunes with this odd commonality, from the Beatles to Willie Nelson

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Al Green, "Love and Happiness"

This song was cut with of the greatest studio bands of all time and one of the best producers ever, Willie Mitchell. And Al Green makes it so special. There's something about his recordings from this time. They tapped into something special. They had their own sound. There were all those other places in Memphis that were cutting records, but his always sounded so cool. The horns were really in your face. All the playing was really subtle since they were grooving so hard. It must have been the most perfectly oiled machine, that studio, to get a feeling across like that so consistently. You can only do that having a regular band that plays together all the time. 

"Love and Happiness" is a hybrid of gospel, but it's a really personal style of gospel. It's not the big Ray Charles gospel-pop thing. It's this intimate thing, which is different. It makes you feel like you're soul-searching when you listen to it. It's less about being uplifted, but looking inside yourself.

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