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Damian Marley, "Is It Worth It? (Gunman World)"

My final selection is one of my own. This is a song that talks about the reality of what actually happens in the life of someone who makes his living in this way. One thing that I've learned in my life is that people are just people, and as I say in the song, "Mankind will do what they must to survive." Sometimes when you meet these people you've been hearing about – whether it's policemen and politicians or thugs – they're neither as great as you thought they would be nor as bad as you think. Some people think about the image of a gunman and for them it's all about the machismo of the big man with the big gun and "busting shots" and all of that. But what about those days when a gunman hasn't had a good night's rest? Does he feel cranky in the morning? What does a gunman pray about? What is he thinking when he kisses his kids to sleep? Those are the questions that I'm interested in because at the end of the song you realize maybe you have more in common with this gunman than you ever thought you would.