Damian Marley on 5 Great Reggae Protest Songs

Bob Marley's youngest son shouts out Capleton, Bounty Killer, his brother Ziggy and more

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Cham, "Ghetto Story"

This is another song by Dave Kelly, the producer who wrote "Look Into My Eyes" and many more great dancehall songs. The whole story here is very real, in terms of the way some youths may travel with their family to the U.S. and they get in a position to send down some guns or whatever else. I did not grow up in the ghetto, but my family has always been in touch with both downtown and uptown. I've had a few friends along the way, good people living a hard life who got themselves into difficult situations like this. This song is extremely relatable to real things that happen. And I just love all the little details, how the boy's hair is never combed and he refuses to take a bath. I always like songs that bring you into the story they're telling with those kinds of tangible details. You can feel it.

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