Coachella 2018: The 18 Best Things We Saw at Weekend One

From Queen Bey to Cardi B and beyond

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X Japan
Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone16/18

X Japan

While Beyoncé delivered the epic performance of her career across the field, X Japan landed in the Mojave Tent to deliver on the flash and melodrama that has made them hugely popular across the globe. They played to a modest but excited crowd, the front rows packed with true believers singing and weeping along. There were hard rock explosions and teary ballads, and cameos by Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit and Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses. "Jade" began with a speed metal riff and geysers of pyro, then shifted into an emotional glam melody and lyrics sung in English. The star behind the drums and piano was band mastermind Yoshiki, shirtless and wearing a leather neck brace. He ended the night with the band's traditional show of unity, shouting "We are! We Are!" and their followers responding with a rousing "X! X!"

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