40 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015

Rock reunions, desert dance parties and a generation-spanning kiss: the most memorable moments from Weekend One

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Best Victory Lap: Run the Jewels

Best Victory Lap: Run the Jewels

What's left for Run the Jewels? The top tag team for the last two summers has eclipsed all expectations: Both of their albums have rightfully received unanimous critical acclaim, they've sold out shows all over the world, they've attracted an ever-expanding fan base that somehow dwarves their already impressive solo careers. What's left is Coachella, the victory lap at 200 miles per hour — with Gangsta Boo, Travis Barker and Zack de la Rocha coming along for the rampage. A blue-haired Kylie Jenner and Diplo were in the VIP. They came out to their now-standard intro, "We Are the Champions," and it's accurate. In just two years, Run the Jewels have cemented their spot as arguably the finest rap duo currently cracking skulls.

Killer Mike may have the most nimble dance moves in the history of 40-year-old men approaching 300 pounds. El-P is the third rail instantiated, pure adrenaline and voltage, feeding off the wrathful vengeance of his partner. When the tandem combines it's like a lightning storm, sparking the crowd into chaos. Mosh pits erupted from young kids who don't know Def Jux from Def Jam. They have the energy of hardcore punk and rap combined — M.O.P. meeting Minor Threat. But this is two rapping-ass rappers hurling Molotovs at racist Ferguson cops, corporate plutocrats and the corrupt government. Though it's rap as revolution, there's a deceptively sweet side: The camaraderie and bond between El-P and Mike gives it legitimate heart. Even though they've "made it" at least two times previously, Run the Jewels is something entirely different. As El-P told the crowd at the conclusion of the set: "Thank you for making our dreams come true."

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