40 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015

Rock reunions, desert dance parties and a generation-spanning kiss: the most memorable moments from Weekend One

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Best Pandemonium: Action Bronson
Andy Keilen31/40

Best Pandemonium: Action Bronson

Action Bronson dashes with deceptive speed up the concrete gauntlet parting the Coachella audience. The King of Queens leaps into the frenzied adoring crowd. They rub his head, twist his beard, and reverently touch him like he was the Pope. A burgundy Albanian flag waves. Chants of "Bronson! Bronson!" erupt. Just another day for Mr. Wonderful, rap's John Belushi crossed with Mario Batali. Wearing shorts, a hat and a flowing bandana underneath, he emerged at 2:30 p.m. to the strains of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and it only got heavier from there. This was the only set in festival history with cameos from George Lopez and the Alchemist (who handled DJ duties).

During a rare break in the craziness, the rapper slyly grinned and said: "This is fucking rap music. I wish I could sing like one of the Isley's, but I can't." Someone corrected him, to which he replied, "You're right. I can." Then he unleashed his endearing THC-dazed nasal belt. By the time of the finale, the acid rock-meets-"November Rain" motorcycle rampage of "Easy Rider," the audience was screaming "rocking very loose pants!" right with him. He's known for throwing weed and XBoxes in the crowd, but just Bronson himself was more than enough.

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