Coachella 2014: 20 Must-See Acts

The headliners and emerging artists that will define your weekend, and maybe your year

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Chelsea Lauren/WireImage16/20


Who: Recent Rolling Stone cover star and EDM live-circuit staple who, five years after bidding farewell to guitar rock and launching his DJing career, finally released his debut full-length.

Why You Can't Miss Him: Skrillex is one of dance music's most innovative producers, using workaday elements like "the drop" in ways that simultaneously turn heads and force hips to move. Recess, his recent album, is an in-the-red blowout full of guests (including the also-at-Coachella Chance the Rapper) and hyper-Technicolor party jams. Its maxed-out sound should translate well to the desert's expanse.

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