Coachella 2013: 10 Must-See Acts

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic1/10


Canadian Claire Boucher (a.k.a. Grimes) makes danceable art-rock that bounces forcefully through smart pop and electronic textures, with a nod to colorful Eighties dancefloor divas without ever feeling retro. Last year's Visions, her third solo album, mingles soulful melody with abstractions both heavy and effervescent. Airy vocals occasionally take on an Asian pop sheen as she sings of "Infinite Love Without Fulfillment," the album's opening track, which repeats the bittersweet line, "I will wait for you when you want me to . . . I'll leave you if you want to!" on endless loop. She'll find some comfort amid the dancing Coachella multitudes.

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