CMA Music Fest 2016: 30 Must-See Acts

From the big stadium headliners to newcomers on the Nashville riverfront

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Jamie Floyd
Courtesy of Alliance13/30

Jamie Floyd

From the deep Southern sultriness of emboldened tunes like "Casino," to the clear-eyed, full-on vulnerability of "The Blade," Jamie Floyd's live show is a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride, but well worth the twists and turns. Fans of Ashley Monroe's "The Blade," which serves as the title cut of the Pistol Annies singer's most recent LP, already know Floyd, a Florida native, has a firm grasp on heartbreak and devastation, but swampy rockers including "Hey Love" and "The Devil Don't Live in Georgia" are delivered with gator-like bite that's wicked and fearless. Floyd's Sunshine & Rainbows EP is a brief, thrilling glimpse into a bright musical future. Saturday, CMA Close Up Stage

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