Chuck Berry's Finest Deep Cuts: 10 Overlooked Gems

Delve deeper into the rock originator's legacy with a selection of great tracks that goes beyond the huge hits

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"Wuden't Me" (1979)

"Promised Land" and "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" were coded race parables. The lead track from Berry's last original album, Rock It, was explicit: Our hero runs a stop sign in the South, gets in trouble with his mouth and is tossed in jail with "no phone, no bail, no plea." So he breaks out, gets chased by a Grand Dragon posse and seven bloodhounds. "Just meters from a canine jubilee" he's saved by a kindly trucker – who's wearing a "Swasti-KKK" armband. Vowing self-reliance ("That's when he knew he had to get on, help himself/Instead of sitting, depending on somebody else") he disappears into the woods, bound for freedom.

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