Chuck Berry's Finest Deep Cuts: 10 Overlooked Gems

Delve deeper into the rock originator's legacy with a selection of great tracks that goes beyond the huge hits

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"Let It Rock" (1960)

The music is frantic and laid back at the same time, a Berry hallmark. He adapts the folk tale of John Henry – African-American hero, symbol of unstoppable strength – to the slice-of-life story of a steel-driving man in Mobile, Alabama, taking a break from working on the railroad to shoot craps in a teepee set up on the tracks. When an unscheduled train rolls through, there's a mad rush to tear the teepee down. "Can't stop the train," Berry sings, then goes out on a solo. The story of America in 1:54. The Stones made a live version the B side of "Brown Sugar." 

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