Chuck Berry's Finest Deep Cuts: 10 Overlooked Gems

Delve deeper into the rock originator's legacy with a selection of great tracks that goes beyond the huge hits

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"I Want to Be Your Driver" (1965)

Recorded in late 1964 while on tour in England, this track is just about the only thing worth hearing on Chuck Berry in London. Berry stretches a standard blues sex metaphor to the limit – "Your rounded-body, wheel-to-roll limousine/I've never had the thrill of riding such a wonderful machine … Drive you so slow and easy you won't want to put me down" — with a desperate vocal and whip-snap guitar that turns the subject every which way but loose. "I Want to Be Your Driver" came out in May, 1965. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Beatles recorded "Baby You Can Drive My Car" five months later.

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