Chuck Berry: 20 Essential Songs

"Johnny B. Goode," "Roll Over Beethoven" and other masterpieces that laid the groundwork for rock & roll as we know it

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"Thirty Days" (1955)

Berry's upbeat call for a lover to come home in a month shows off both his dexterous soloing style, in which he plays chords (!) for the duration of the lead break and his sense of humor. "Gonna put a false charge against ya," he sings, "That'll be the very thing that'll send ya," and he's not above bringing it before the United Nations if it will bring his baby back. He wrote in his autobiography that the song was based somewhat on a true story and something he'd seen in a movie where a judge granted a defendant leniency up until he reminded the judge he'd been the one to introduce him to his wife. "It shows that I have found no happiness in any association that has been linked with regulations and custom," he wrote. "I was stimulated by the judge story and found something similar in category yet different in aspect for a creation of my own."

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