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Chuck Berry: 10 Great Collaborations

Hear the late rock legend alongside everyone from Tina Turner, Bo Diddley and Eric Clapton to Sha Na Na

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Chuck Berry and Tina Turner, "Rock and Roll Music" (1982)

The Roxy on Hollywood's fabled Sunset Strip played host to a meeting of giants in 1982. Near the end of a rollicking set, Berry invited a guest onstage, introducing her as "the fabulous – you hear me? – the fabulous Tina Turner!" The Queen of Rock & Roll herself then appeared, joining her fellow veteran rocker on a blazing sprint through his 1957 anthem "Rock and Roll Music." The event was captured on a commercially released video called Chuck Berry Featuring Tina Turner, a bit of a misleading title due to the fact that Turner only appears on that song. Funnily enough, at the time, Turner was not much more of a draw than Berry, who was less than bankable circa 1982, before Back to the Future's airing of "Johnny B. Goode" helped revive his profile. Turner was still a couple years away from her own massive comeback. Which makes their small-club run through "Rock and Roll Music" feel even more like a heartfelt, down-to-earth congregation of two R&B survivors.

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