Bob Seger: 15 Songs You Can Stream Now

After long holdout, select tunes from legendary rocker finally available on Spotify and other streaming services

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"Turn the Page" (1972)

A homesick star writing a sad ballad about the rigors of the road is the ultimate rock cliche, but it was still novel in 1972 when Bob Seger wrote "Turn The Page." Saxophonist Alto Reed had just joined the Silver Bullet Band two weeks earlier when the song was cut at Leon Russell's studio. "Tom Weschler, the assistant manager at the time, said to me, 'Picture it's late at night in a black and white movie,'" Reed told Rolling Stone in 2011. "'There's some rain coming down in the ally. You're standing by the street lamp and there's a light mist and off in the distance you hear this plaintive wail. What does that sound like?'" He then produced one of the most iconic sax parts in rock history, though the song wouldn't get a mass audience until it appeared in Live Bullet in 1976. -AG

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