Bob Seger: 15 Songs You Can Stream Now

After long holdout, select tunes from legendary rocker finally available on Spotify and other streaming services

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"Night Moves" (1976)

The tumultuous mid-1970s was packed full of TV shows and movies like Happy Days, American Graffiti and Grease that pined for the innocent days of the 1950s and early 1960s. The best song in this vein is the title track to 1976's Night Moves, in which a 31 year-old Seger reflected on his carefree teenage years where he made "front-page driving news" by hooking up with a "black haired beauty with big dark eyes" in the back of a 1960 Chevy. At the end, a thunderstorm wakes him up and he begins humming a song from 1962 as he thinks about the period where he didn't "have as much to lose." (He claims the song is "Be Me Baby," and we'll forgive him that it's actually from 1963.) The song was as #4 single, finally launching him as a major rock star 15 years after he started out. -AG

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