Bob Mould: My Life in 15 Songs

Indie-rock vet surveys Hüsker Dü hardcore ragers, electronica-informed solo experiments and more

"The End of Things" (2016)

Living in San Francisco right now is like living on some indistinct precipice. It's fucking insane. California's always been a gold rush, but now it's data mining instead of gold mining. It could fall apart at any time. In the past, there have been earthquakes, and things can change very quickly when something like that happens. Relationships can start and end at any given point. There are days when my mind wanders into places where, "What happens if it does fall apart, so to speak? What if everything collapses?" And I also like the idea that people walk around and say, "Oh, it's the Internet of things." This whole new protocol — smartphones and stuff like that. And I thought, "How about the end of things?"

It's a really cool song, and it's got the space between verses so I can get off the microphone for two and a half seconds when we play live and stretch my legs a bit and jump around. And much like "Makes No Sense at All" or "Everything Falls Apart," when I'm singing, "It's the end of things, the end of everything," you can't beat that for darkness. But I can't make it much catchier than the way I sing it. It's the current epitome of the contrast I use in my work. It's the brightest chorus with the darkest title. Of course!

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