Bob Mould: My Life in 15 Songs

Indie-rock vet surveys Hüsker Dü hardcore ragers, electronica-informed solo experiments and more

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"Paralyzed" (2005)

I'd had a great time in Austin [where Mould moved in the mid Nineties], but it was time to go back to New York. I went back in the late Nineties and embraced my gay life. Electronic music was the soundtrack to that new life. The first time out with [2002's] Modulate, I was a little naive, a little underwhelming. I didn't know what I was doing. But that didn't discourage me. I was just learning how to make electronic music. In 2003, when I moved to D.C., I went deeper into electronic music. I got to be a good DJ and met thousands of great folks. It was a completely different universe, and it was at times more important than my guitar gig. I understand it's not guitar, so people have a problem with it. I get it. But no instruments and DJs, 1,200 people dancing their ass off all night — that's an amazing sight, and to be the conductor of that party is pretty damn cool.

"Paralyzed" touches on the end of my second relationship, my 14-year relationship with a fellow. Body of Song was meant to be the third album in the trilogy with Modulate and the LoudBomb project. What I like about Body of Song is that not only was it back to the guitar, but I carried on my fascination with electronica and tinkering with extra colors in songs. Putting a lot of bells and whistles underneath to express my interest in progressive house.

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