Bob Mould: My Life in 15 Songs

Indie-rock vet surveys Hüsker Dü hardcore ragers, electronica-informed solo experiments and more

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"I Hate Alternative Rock" (1996)

This was the beginning of me feeling, "Shit, man, this thing is getting tired." In the wake of "Teen Spirit," what happened? It was pretty much subpar variations on the same theme. I will spare anybody the names, but all you have to do is take a look at modern rock in 1995 and you can guess. It was like, "Fuck!" One band got it so right that the whole world changed, and in four years, everyone flogged it to death. In '95, when I wrote this song, there were a lot of bands where I thought, "I fucking hate this band and wish they would go away." The original title was, "I Hate Fucking Alternative Rock and Wish It Would Go Away." It was a little long, so I shortened it.

The "hubcap" album was such a fun record for me because I was enjoying people like Sebadoh who were following their muse without any regard to commercial success, making records at home and incorporating any kind of loose idea on tape and sticking it into a song. Having a little bit of fun was the consolation for that record for me. I don't think the record sounds like Sebadoh or Folk Implosion or Guided By Voices, but that's what was keeping me excited about music in the otherwise bland, flat, colorless landscape of modern rock. I hate to be so damning, but I was sick and tired of it. To name my next album The Last Dog and Pony Show was telling everyone I'm walking away from this thing. So this song sets the theme for what's to come.

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