Bob Mould: My Life in 15 Songs

Indie-rock vet surveys Hüsker Dü hardcore ragers, electronica-informed solo experiments and more

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Hüsker Dü, "Makes No Sense at All" (1985)

Flip Your Wig was my favorite record from that band. It was the best times, the best camaraderie. The songwriting was at an all-time high. No outside producer. It was named after a Beatles board game! [Laughs] People speculate it would have been much bigger if it had been on Warner Brothers [instead of SST, the band's earlier label], since it was more pop than Candy Apple Grey.

"Makes No Sense at All" sums up all the aspirations I had as a songwriter at that point in my life: "How do I continue mining this somewhat pessimistic outlook on life? How bright is the color of the ribbon that wraps this fabulous wrapping paper around this beautifully dark package? How far can I take this thing?"

It's a super simple song, and I play it every night still. It's one of those handful of songs in my catalog that has so far stood the test of time, and I never get tired of paying it. People in the crowd never get tired of singing it back to me. What a cool song. It's fucking weird to say that about my own stuff, but there are a few where I say, "Wow, I like that one!"

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