Bob Mould: My Life in 15 Songs

Indie-rock vet surveys Hüsker Dü hardcore ragers, electronica-informed solo experiments and more

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Hüsker Dü, "Hardly Getting Over It" (1986)

The lyrics are very literal. It's a very clear picture of a family and mortality in its different forms — family who pass away and how one handles it when it happens. My parents didn't even mention my grandfather's passing to me for months, for whatever reason. Presumably it would upset me.

I play this song almost every night, and it's completely different now that all the characters have passed. Not too often do people have to change the tense of a song. So every night I play that song, I have to pause as the third verse goes by, because there's no longer a question of what will I do when my parents die. It's such a volatile little piece of information to me each night. It takes on all these different shapes when we play it live. Sometimes I play it dead quiet, sometimes it's insane fireworks, some nights it's a dirge.

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