Bob Dylan's Greatest Songs of the 1980s

20 songs worth hearing from Dylan's most overlooked decade

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'Someone's Got A Hold On My Heart' (1983)
John Hume/Redferns9/20

'Someone's Got A Hold On My Heart' (1983)

Dylan recorded a ton of great songs for Infidels, and then proceeded to cut some of the best ones off the album. This one resurfaced two years later as "Tight Connection To My Heart," but it failed to capture the vibe of the original. It also removed most of the religious references in favor of recycled lines from movies like The Maltese Falcon and Serpico. (Dylan must have been watching a lot of movies in the mid-1980s – his albums from that time are littered with film quotations.) "Someone's Got A Hold On My Heart" reached perfection when Dylan played it at New York's Supper Club in November 1993. Those shows were filmed, though the footage is rarely seen; they really deserve a DVD release one of these days.

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