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Fear Factory, 'Mechanize' (2010)

8. Fear Factory, 'Mechanize' (2010)

The reason why I picked this particular album is because I like the song "Christploitation." That's one of my favorite songs. Slowed-down piano, and [drummer] Gene [Hoglan] is just fucking everywhere on this song. ... If you want to listen to the future, then listen to Gene Hoglan on "Christploitation."

There's a lot of other bands that were putting those kind of [electronic] things into the music. I thought it was done really well. I think if it's done tastefully, then I think it really works well. I listen to the entire sound and it seemed to fit. Nothing put me out. Nothing was like, "Oh, no, I can't listen to that." It all seemed to fit. I don't have a problem with what Fear Factory are doing. There's other bands, too, that have been very, very good. Even Slipknot uses a lot of sound effects and things. So, yeah, I just saw it as a blanket sound, and very acceptable as well.